Welcome to buggily, your WordPress-based bug and idea tracker.

A simple PHP Bug and Idea TrackerBased on WordPress.

Searching for a simple PHP Bug Tracker?

Here you go - Buggily is there for you.

Buggily runs on almost every shared hosting. If your webspace is able to run WordPress, Buggily will work. Why? Because it is a plug-in for WordPress. Just install WordPress, install Buggily - done.

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Based on WordPress

Installing and using Buggily is dead simple. Install WordPress, add the Buggily plug-in, done.

Track Bugs and Ideas

Use only one beautiful platform to manage both bugs and ideas for your custom product(s).

Customizable to your needs

Adapt Buggily to your needs by adding your colors, logo, your own products and custom labels.

Mention other users

When adding a comment to an issue, mention other users by @usernaming them - simple, right?

Subscribe to issues

Would you like to get notified whenever something happens on an issue? There you go.

Track all changes

Each issue displays all changes and comments as a beautiful timeline, so nothing gets lost on the way.

Why Buggily?

There are plenty of bug trackers out there. But most of them are cluttered with all sorts of features which you probably don't want or don't need. Buggily only tracks bugs and ideas. That's it. No project management, no Kanban, no milestones.

Why PHP?

Almost every hosting provider offers PHP and MySQL. That's why Buggily is based on both of them. You will not have any trouble finding a hosting solution which can run Buggily. No Perl, no Ruby (on rails), no Java. Just good old PHP.

Why WordPress?

WordPress serves as a framework for buggily, which means that under the hood, Buggily uses a lot of WordPress features which are very well tested and very mature. Using WordPress as a base also allows for dead simple extensibility.

Can I migrate from Bugify?

Buggily exists because Bugify is dead. Bugify used to be a great PHP bug tracker, but has died due to several reasons. No more support, no development, no answers. Yes, you can migrate from Bugify using a migration script built into Buggily.

Keep track of bugs and ideas

Buggily does not only allow you to add all necessary information to a bug or idea, but it will also keep track of changes made to the entry. Whenever a user adds or changes something, you will see it directly in the details of the entry (and you will of course be notified if you wish to).

Write with ease

With Buggily you'll get the writing experience that you deserve and that you're used to from other software. Just type @ to mention (and notify) other users and # to reference other issues. And of course, you'll get What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG).

Want to get notitied on updates?

You can subscribe to any issue anytime. Buggily will then keep you updated on any changes made to the issue or any comments.

Let users vote for ideas

With only one click, registered users can show their support for ideas posted by other users. This way you will always know which ideas are worth implementing and which ones are probably only interesting for a very small group of users.

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